Hae Su Zen Center Project

With the blessings of countless causes and conditions, we have been offered several temples in Luk Wu since 1997. In addition to holding Zen retreats, we have also organized Zen workshops for various groups and schools over the years. Despite limited manpower, resources, and transportation, we are committed to preserving the natural environment of Luk Wu and its practicing heritage so that they can be passed down through generations to come.

 “The emerald sea and the blue sky are all Buddha’s face; the singing of streams and the rejoicing of birds are the Tripiṭaka.” To preserve nature is to preserve our mind.

May Hae Su Zen Center inherit the century-old practicing tradition of Buddhist temples at Luk Wu and provide a spiritual oasis for the busy city dwellers from Hong Kong and around the world, so that they may let go of their troubles and attachments, replenish their minds, regain their inner balance, rediscover their inherent compassion and wisdom, and reconnect with their true nature. May every practitioner who comes to train at Hae Su Zen Center become capable of helping themselves and their families and giving back to society.