Luk Wu Practice

Located in the Keong Shan Valley on Lantau Island, Luk Wu is embraced by mountains, touched by the sea, and nurtured by creeks and lakes. Here, winds sigh softly, and muntjac deer were once spotted wandering through the woods, hence the name Luk Wu (Deer Lake).

Every day, at sunrise and sunset, bells, drums, blocks, and chants from temples near and far are heard on these serene paths, echoing in harmony throughout the valley. In as early as the late 19th century, practitioners came to this Shangri-La one after another. Around thirty monasteries, hermitages, and thatched cabins emerged, some of which witnessed the renowned Zen Master Hsu Yun teaching at Luk Wu in the early 20th century.

Rare and precious, today’s Luk Wu is the only remaining Buddhist practitioners’ village in Hong Kong. As temples have been restored and rebuilt in recent years, Luk Wu has become an oasis for city dwellers to come for walks, meditation retreats, and Buddhist practice. The quiet and simple surroundings allow everyone to embrace nature and rediscover our innate compassion and wisdom. May this century-long practicing tradition at Luk Wu live on and nurture the spiritual health of generation after generation.